I want to protect the environment for future generations.

My name is Takashi Morimoto, and I’m running a DIY manufacturing company in Maizuru, Kyoto, Japan.

My company is very close to the planned construction site of a palm oil power plant.

I am against having this plant in Maizuru because it may harm the health of the people who live or work nearby, including my employees and myself.

The planned site of the palm oil power plant is at the port area.

I’ve had my business there for 14 years. I know about the disaster risk in the area well, and I’ve realized that building the plant there has a high risk of problems.

The planned site and around its area are reclamation lands.

There is a possibility of catastrophic damage to Maizuru bay in the event of liquefaction caused by an earthquake.

The plant itself may not have any damages as it will be an earthquake resistant structure; however, the other facilities such as oil tanks or piping parts will have a high chance of being damaged, and palm oil might flow out to Maizuru Bay.

Early recovery from a disaster will be impossible if the roads around the facilities are affected by liquefaction, and safety cannot be ensured.

The amount of oil that will be stored is beyond the capacity of being extinguished by the Maizuru fire department in the event of a fire.

 The most significant problem with building a palm oil power plant is deforestation in Southeast Asia. Producing palm oil means destroying the environment of the earth, and also creating lots of negative impacts on those countries, such as poverty, exploitation, and child labor.

As a business owner, I can understand the idea that risk is necessary for the economic development of Maizuru. Still, I’m afraid I have to disagree with this kind of risk.

Those who worked hard to welcome the plant did so in hope for the city’s prosperity, but the overall sacrifice will be too great.

As a citizen and father who wants to convey to children the richness of nature in Maizuru and our world, and the importance of protecting it.

 I am strongly opposed to building the palm oil plant in Maizuru.