No need for palm oil-fired power plants I made a T-shirt

ウータン・森と生活を考える会 武田ゆっこ

I made a T-shirt

The colors are light pink, white and gray.  Light pink and white are large on the back and small marks on the chest  Gray is a design with a large front and a small mark on the back.  (Please refer to the attached reference photo)  100 pieces in total. One piece is 1,500 yen. Can increase production.  All expenses other than the necessary expenses will be allocated to activity costs.  I will send it if you can bear the distant person, shipping fee, transfer fee etc.

パーム油発電いらん Tシャツ ライトピンク
パーム油発電いらん Tシャツ ホワイト

パーム油発電いらん Tシャツ グレー

light pink S 10枚
white   S 10枚
       M 10枚
       L 15枚
       XL 5枚
gray   S 15枚
       M 10枚
       L 20枚